It’s finally here! For one, the video above is the Comic Con/Invader Con preview of Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, so check it out. It shouldn’t be region blocked, so hopefully you international readers can see it!

Also, as of today the first episode is streaming for free at Check it out! Unfortunately, this is probably blocked unless you are in the US or UK. I’m sorry, I can’t help how Disney chooses to protect their videos.

Please enjoy! By the way, this show features the hilarious voice talents of people like Ben Schwartz (Parks & Rec, House of Lies), Tim Curry (Rocky Horror, Clue), John Dimaggio (Adventure Time, Futurama), John Oliver (The Daily Show, Community), Megan Mullaly (Party Down, Parks & Rec), Jim Rash (yes, the dean from Community), Andrew Caldwell, and even Kevin Michael Richardson, who does tons of great cartoon voices (check his imdb). And personally, I think the very best episodes of the season are coming up a bit later, so stick around and stuff gets even better!