Hello Dumm Comics,

this will be the last Harpy Gee post on this site.  The old posts will remain as an archive.   Thank you to my fellow artists at Dumm who convinced me it was time for Harpy to see the world as a comic.

The comic will continue in 2019 at HarpyGee.com 

Thank you all so much for reading Harpy Gee this far.

The comic will be on hiatus until early 2019, when Chapter 5, “The Sword and the Shovel” will continue.

 Here is where to find all things Harpy during the wait.

 Twitter  Tumblr  Instagram  FacebooSpotify Playlist

 Books and other Items can be found at:

 Hiveworks Store Redbubble Stuart Ng Books

 Nickelodeon has passed on taking Harpy Gee to series, but you can still watch the short on youtube!

Apologies for the delay in getting Harpy Gee books reprinted, it was the first on my list once the comic was on hiatus, but I’m now having to plan a very sudden move.  Announcement on when books will be available will be posted on the above social media accounts.

Thanks again.