We’ve reached the end of Chapter 2 of Real Gone Gator, I want to take a quick break from this story to flush out and finish writing the next chapter and I want to get some political comics done and some quick short Devil’s Henchmen comics in the meantime.  I’m not planning on taking a very long break from this comic, maybe a month or two at the most, right now I have to play it by ear but this story should be back soon.  I’d also like to do a Kickstarter and print it when it’s done along with Vacation Fun Time

Real Gone Gator will also be the last time for awhile I do a major story arch as I want to do more animation and short-form comics.  Long stories are a beast to do and I always have  lots of little ideas I never get a chance to get out.  I also don’t plan on continuing Hyena Hyjinx but will use some of the ideas from that initial story for some shorter newer stuff down the line.

I’ve also rebooted my PATREON as well!