Sorry again for the late updates, this December has been a crazy month but I’d rather do a good job than rush the ending of this story, as it’s just about done.  I may even take a little working vacation after this story to get caught up on comics and even animation as doing stuff at the last minute is no fun and can get sloppy and I always regret it later.

So here’s a few in process sketches and other doodles in the mean time

1937135_10207089022882486_1803464375307428393_n 12359955_10207042855088320_4864468625127877398_n-1


12410515_10207081316729837_212551336524804024_n 11168576_10206893291629327_5764878931516336938_n


12375955_10207064338705397_2890710850920827753_n 12347948_10207004513129795_2028588156258679202_n

12313760_10206976571111262_3630838209829628059_n 12279185_10206976567231165_8958210157549888634_n