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Holden and Honey the Bee are characters of mine that I haven’t yet introduced in my Jerboa comic. Holden’s the goody two-shoes neighbor of Jack and May. I would imagine that last panel being sorta like a buncha clowns coming out of a clown car.

ALSO- I gotta address my absence <3

I’ve been in a weird mix of a horrible slump and also just been super busy in general. It’s been really really tough forcing myself to be productive when I’ve been down, but despite being behind deadlines, I gotta push to get shit done. Animator’s life. Unfortunately the comic’s suffered in updates due to that. I’ve been doing a lot of animation projects that have been eating up the majority of my time, such as the Sonic Game Grumps Animated I did a while ago – as well as a lot of misc stuff. Been slowly redoing a lot of Jumpin Jack Jerboa offline to suit it better for a book format sometime in the far off future. Writing up new chapters and all that. Also went to PAX and did a bunch of live filler panels for the Maker/Polaris stage. Inbetween people like Markiplier and the Creatures. First time I’ve been to Seattle or the west coast in general, so there’s that. Also, quite nervously, met the wonderful Katie Rice for a bit at her booth.

I’m considering starting a Patreon sometime soon. It would help free up a bit of my time and stress to get more work done sooner, comics and new animations included. Speaking of, I’ve been working on a few of my own as well. I have a very perfectionist attitude when I work on my own stuff, and want to put in the best effort  I can when I work on a project. It would be amazing to be able to work on my own projects full time.

Also- I’ve been aware of the missing header/tab image for my week. I have made one, but I don’t think Gabe ever noticed it was broke. Should probably ask to fix that. It’s actually been buggin me as well.

Appreciate the concern over the comic’s/my absence. Inbetween animation work, I’m currently working on new strips, so I’ll be ahead of the game for uploading in the following weeks. So hopefully it’ll be the last time this kinda thing happens. Cause I’m sick of it just as much as you are. I just gotta show you that instead of just saying it <3