Only one page this week, I’m finishing up a storyboard for Pig Goat Banana Cricket.  Which just started airing on Nickelodeon, no idea when episodes I worked on start airing, but if you just need a quick dose of silly in your life, maybe check it out!

Please check out this amazing cosplay by Mariceleiel and her bud on instagram!


Thank you two so much!  I’m still in awe!

Here’s some art from friends!


Harpy from Grant Alexander!

Cute Card from Chrissy Delk!  (Chrissy storyboarded two of the Amethyst of Gemworld shorts, and was really helpful to bounce story ideas off of.  She’s great!)

Halesia by Zambicandy!  

Thank you! I need to get some pretty frames for these!

Next week’s update will be longer, promise!