It’s been like, half of this year that I’ve been doing strips for you. Maybe I failed sometimes either at posting it late, no posting a strip at all or a weak punchline but it’s been an awesome ride overall.

Thanks to Dumm Comics for the opportunity to post stuff here. Without them, maybe I wouldn’t bringed back Seth and Poncho to life.
Thanks to all the readers who cheered me up one way or another (among them: Mongo, Adekii, Jon, Karlos, MustacheHam, Jeremy, Megan, Michael, Typhon, Dimestoreman): I hope we keep in touch for a long, long time through this humble, weird characters and the Internet.

I’ll keep doing my best to deliver you one comic that hopefully will make you chuckle, smile, laugh, laugh hard or, I dunno. Any good reaction, I guess.

Hope you had a blast this year.