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Hi folks! I am also dumm now. I am from Germany and always loved to be a part of the group!

I return with the SWEFS on dumm. My oldest characters and also most loved ones. I start with the third story and try to remake the second one which will follow afterwards. The first story and unfinished second story is still readable on www.theswefs.com and maybe some parts in this story make a bit more sense then.

The SWEFS are a group of stupid losers who were about to get killed by the president of earth to increase the average IQ on earth. In the intergalaxtical IQ comparisons, the earth was on the second last place before a planet inhabitated by people who eat their own feet when they watch daily TV soaps.

The president of earth planned to shot them into the sun, but disguised it as a special mission to represent earth and to protect the galaxy and called them ‘The SWEFS’. The crew did not crash into the sun, but on the planet of the most intelligent creatures in the universe, the Naknaks and they could use the crew for their intensions. Most of the crew members believe they are on a special mission, only Smirk knows the truth and keeps the lie working, so that his friends can keep doing what they do.

‘The Election’ story will tell the rise of Captain Smirk and how the SWEFS became the most important crew in the galaxy.

My english is not the best, but I have some nice helpertons who correct each bubble and I try to get better with it over the time!

My priorities are the inks. Maybe I get a nice helperton on board who will do the colors in the future strips. But for now, it works like that.

Have fun with the SWEFS and see you the next weeks!

Let’s fill the space with more emptyness!