So, no page for today. Bit busy. That’s about it really. However, to reassure you, I’ve been working on a few pages at once to stock up on. So by next week, you’ll have a steady constant flow of comic pages every week once again <3

In the meantime, since you’re here~

If you’re unfamiliar with my work at all, let me give you a bit of a late introduction. Don’t think I ever really introduced myself aside from “I’m Fungasm. I do things. bluh bluh.”

I’ve started as a Newgrounds animator, and have been animating since 05′ or so. Completely self-taught, thanks to the internet~ In my opinion, I’m extremely lucky to have an opportunity to do comics and have my foot in the door around so many amazing people <3

To give you some eye-candy to look at, since there’s no comic, have the first animated Jumpin’ Jack Jerboa cartoon! A cartoon I did back in 2011. Before Jack was even named~ oh man!

I would think I’ve improved quite a bit. Feel free to browse around and view my other work or w/e. Much love~