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…and that concludes our three part non-sensical story!!

The last winner is sort of a three way tie, but first I want to mention Wooshra, who actually drew and emailed this image while sitting in class. Skadi would approve!  I was so delighted by this drawing when I saw it and new I had to do a costume switch with Skadi and Diseasoid after I saw it. Lookit those legs!! Those toes!! So cute.  So here it is, Wooshra’s winning design:


Here are the other two submissions that also inspired today’s comic, first Izak Flash Man’s


…and Ingo Günther’s cute mix up. Thanks guys!!


Now on to another batch of runner-ups!  We’ll start with Arnold Gutierrez, who turned in this amazing Valkyrie Skadi. I almost chose this one because I love it so much. Beautiful work!

Arnold Gutierrez_skadi valkyrie

Next is Becky Hunt’s Pineapple Maki inspired Skadi. Hooray for you if you get the reference! :D

Becky Hunt

Cassie Soliday did this creative and cute Skadi from the future!

cassie soliday

Thank you Colby for this white knight inspired Skadi!


I love this design from Deanna L…especially the scars across her face. Very warrior-esque!


Here is a cute gothic Skadi from Kiki. I love how she drew Diseasoid…he looks so happy to be bad-ass for once. :]


René Gálvez sent in this re-imagined Skadi outfit…check out that fine backside!

rene_Skadi Clothe

Here is another design I would have loved to have drawn, by Sarah Hoffman. There is something very sweet about this more modest Skadi ensemble. Thank you Sarah!


Lastly, here is a gorgeous redesign from Will Nix. I came very close to choosing this one as well! How adorable is this outfit??


Again, thanks for the submissions everyone! I’ll be posting even more next week. If you are listed here and would like a link to your work, please just email me or contact me on the site and I’ll update as soon as I’m able!