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Thanks so much to Anthony Loiacono for sending in this hilarious nun design! I thought the drawing was pretty hilarious, and the idea of drawing a nun Skadi comic was too funny for me to resist. Anthony also has two art sites you can check out! Here’s his Tumblr and his Deviantart Page. Definitely check out his Tumblr, as it has some pretty awesome Skadi studies and a whole bunch of neat costume ideas. :]

Anthony Loiacono_nun

Anthony actually sent in a second costume design that combines two of my favorite things, hill folk and barbarism!

 a_Anthony Loiacono_yokel

Thanks again Anthony for sending in these hilarious drawings, I love them!

 Now it’s time to showcase all the runner-ups! I’ll be making three posts in all…there were a lot of entries.  It was so hard choosing ones to incorporate into comics. I really loved so many of these. Please check out everyone’s links, too!

I’ll start off with Fatesumner who sent in this lovely Druid inspired Skadi. This was a very close second to T-Cat’s winning design from last weeks comic. I love these soft forest colors and there could definitely be a story behind the beast head she’s got on.


Here is Deanna Poppe’s adorable Skadi! I think she looks so confident cause she’s actually wearing something a little more practical than what she’s used to…



Dennis Driscoll sent in two designs, a Barbarella inspired Skadi and a badass Valkyrie Skadi. I love how into it Diseasoid is.



Emmy sent in this cute little Skadi. She’s all cozy in her bear corpse cloak!


Here is an amazing drawing and beautiful design from Erin Midderin, showcasing just how much of an animal lover Skadi is. Poor animals!


Evan sent in this drawing that perfectly captures Diseasoid’s true essence. Who here gets the reference? :]


Here is Francisco Baguinski’s idea for Skadi’s new look. Diseasoid’s little hat is especially cute!

 francisco_ must choose this one katie

Skadi is experimenting with a Viking meets cowboy look in this drawing from Jedo.


Kevin Arsenault sent in this cute farmer Skadi…I think people are on to me and know I like Western/hillbilly type stuff…  :]


This Skadi looks so cute and soft, I really like how Maddie Wilson drew her body proportions.

 maddie wilson

Mike R’s Skadi is awesome, but that’s gotta be the happiest and most dapper Diseasoid’s ever been!!


My-Stupid-Art sent in this totally not stupid and pretty adorable Skadi. Her hair is super cute like that!


Here is Nicolas Martinez’s totally creative and unique take on a costume change for Skadi- gigantic iron pants!

 Nicolas Martinez

PiousDrone sent in this tough looking Skadi- it is a bad time for bears in the Skadi universe it seems!


I love this drawing- Rodrigo Guillermo Nicolás Núñez Krebs gave Skadi a totally metal makeover. That hair is awesome!


Oh Ruby…these drawings…these drawings are just so, so so cute and I love them. I came very close to choosing pirate Skadi!


How cool is Steven Alphonse’s style?? These drawings are amazing.

 Steven Alphonse_skadi

Last but not least is Yasmeen Khan, who sent in these two drawings. They make a pretty awesome comic on their own!

 yasmeen khan skadi1

yasmeen khan skadi2

Thanks again everyone for sending in your art, you made this costume contest super fun. I hope you’ll come back next week for the end of the Costume Contest Comic, and for more costume entries.

I did my best to include people’s sites along with their entries, but if I missed someone just contact me and I’ll update the information ASAP!