Unfortunately, there are bound to be some weeks when I don’t finish a full installment in this story.  When that happens, I might post an Inanimate Antics.  Or sometimes, I might post something cool that YOU send me (and it doesn’t have to be Our Heroes-related).  If you’d like to share something you made with your fellow Our Heroes readers, such as –

a comic, illustration, graphic design, font, non-cartoony drawing, painting, sculpture, assemblage, art installation, performance piece, poem, vignette, diary entry, love letter, one-act play, skit, magic trick, hypnotic suggestion, yogic mantra, photograph, short film, puppet show, animation, video-game / card-game / board-game / word-game / sport you made up, app or other computer program, poppin’ and lockin’ routine, interpretive dance choreography, sex-tape, song, soundscape, rap, radio-play, short podcast, youtube rant, architectural plan, scientific theory, mathematical equation, philosophical notion, medical breakthrough, invention, robot, or recipe — you know, that kind of thing –

email it to me at cgarrison[at]bham.rr.com … If I like it, I just might post it here!  Along with a hearty thank-you and links to your stuff, etc.