Hey guys, Sal here. Kyle and John are both swamped this week, so please pardon the break in the action. In its stead, please enjoy this brush pen, marker, and colored pencil piece featuring Mindy! This piece along with many others are available right now in Kyle’s Etsy Shop.

Now, you may be wondering “Sal, why are you shilling for your boss’ virtual museum of broken dreams? You normally don’t give a crap about anyone but yourself.” Well, folks, the dark truth is that my job depends on the success of Kyle’s art sales. While I don’t make much, it’s becoming too rich for Kyle’s blood and without some Etsy sales, he won’t be able to keep me on the payroll.

Please, folks, no matter what you think of me personally, please remember the service I… sometimes deliver to you. Without me around telling you what happened in previous strips, you might have to actually GO BACK AND READ THE COMIC to know what’s going on! So please, folks, do both of us a favor and purchase one of Kyle’s… ecch… charming illustrations from his Etsy shoppe. Before it’s too late.

-Sal the Recap Guy

PS: Kyle would like me to add that those who want him so badly to publish a book have only yourselves to blame if you pass up opportunities such as this to let him know there’s interest out there. I tried to tell him that was a little much.

He hit me.