Hey guys! If you couldn’t tell by the joke, this is the 100th week of RAD RAZ on Dumm Comics. I can’t believe it’s been a hundred weeks! Thanks to the Dumm crew for bringing me on board in the first place, and thanks to each of you for reading every week! Thanks for enjoying the comic, those of you who have, and thanks to the rest of you for being unimpressed or confused or infuriated by it. You are each special to me in your own way.

ALSO: The show I work on, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja premieres on Monday night on Disney XD! And there are a total of 4 brand new episodes airing this week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), so check them all out! Wednesday’s is my favorite, but they’re all good. Plus, stop by the Titmouse panel at Comikaze in LA tomorrow @ 2pm to see more Randy (I’ll be there, too).