Thanks SO MUCH, everybody who contributed to this fantastic batch of pinups!  I wheedled these artists until I finally ended up with even more contributions than I got for the Kablooey!!! pinup gallery.

Andrew Willmore even did TWO of them!  After that first one, I made an off-handed remark about how I thought people would do more pinuppy pinups, like Priscilla as a sexy Christmas elf, Holly as a French maid, etc.  So Andrew decided to actually make it a reality!

And Dan Sills really outdid himself, with his homage to the cover from the cult classic video game Maniac Mansion.

To see more from these great artists, please check out:

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I could sure use some guest artists over the coming weeks, so if you’d like to try your hand at drawing some Zoo Laffs, please read THIS.


Oh, and … I told you last week about the three nice reviews I’ve gotten for Jakey the Jerk, #1.  I guess I should quit tooting my own horn about now, but here’s a fourth one — a glowing Stumptown Trade Review review.