More hyenas and there hyejinkery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Giggles, is there something you’re not telling us?

This comic is also going to be a longer story so I think I will break it up into chapters and publish them into smaller books along the way.

Here is also a couple of sketches of the past week and other fun stuffs!


vinny copy


Vincent the Vulture quoting little Alex, he’s one of the Devil’s Henchmen from me otha’ comics Brotha, he’ll be in the spotlight someday soon…



Remember, next time you’re walking around in Africa and one of these guys tackles you, just scratch behind there ears to put them to sleep, it’s Boy Scouts 101!

pillow pup


Also, here is Giggles the hyena in pillow form, Giggles has extremely high coziness levels and will keep you safe and warm, no lie!  Come in from the rain, Spring is here!


And one more update, (the last two weekends I was out of town), some folks may not know, but I have another website that I try and update at least once a week, (try) with a parallel story line about Virgil the alligator teaching overseas (we don’t know just where yet or what he’s teaching).