I’m actually working on a special Bun/ Hyena Helper comic, but I haven’t had the time as the last few weeks have been very busy, but here’s a few of those doodles I colored in from a couple of weeks ago though.








My plan is to finish the next Hyena Helper comic, then I’ll be working on a short ANIMATED Roofle cartoon next so my out-put won’t be real regular for the next month or so as I want to focus only on that but I’ll try to add some in process animation updates and nerdy behind the scenes stuff/ sketches and drawings. ¬†After that I’m planning resuming both Hyena Hyjinx Part 2 and another comic I somehow stopped working on, Real Gone Gator, about Virgil the alligator teaching abroad in Mt Roofle after being pissed off by Grime. ¬†Real Gone Gator initially appeared on my old website Balsleyscomix (www.jwbalsleycomix.com) but that site is having major issues and so I’ll be moving all of my old comics and stories to an organized section on my newer website www.devilshenchmen.com as soon as I have time.


See you soon!