Hello, and thank you so much for reading Skadi and sticking with it through all these years. It’s crazy to think that this comic first started eight years ago on this exact day, and survived through all the stuff life has thrown in its way.

Also…I know this comic says “The End,” but it’s not REALLY the end…in fact I will soon have a little epilogue of sorts posted up in the week to come. This is more like a temporary end, the end of “Skadi” as a weekly comic, but I still would love to revisit it on the skadicomic.com site from time to time, either to do random art, little histories of the characters, or occasional comics.

Again, thank you so much for reading the comic. This is the first long term, personal creative project I’ve ever worked on, and it changed my life in so many ways. When I started this comic with Luke Cormican back in 2008, we had no idea if it would last. We had a rocky start, and though the comic eventually found its rhythm, there were still many times when it was hard to keep it going. And a few years back when I took over the comic by myself, it was especially hard at times. I would not have been able to keep the momentum going without the readership, and the support you guys have given me over the years. It’s all been extremely worth it, and I’m forever grateful.

I may have to write a more in-depth blog post for this when the shock has worn off, haha. It feels very strange to be ending something I’ve been so used to doing for so long. But for the time being, please remember to bookmark skadicomic.com and check back for the epilogue, and for future posts. You can also follow me on Twitter (@katiejrice) for art, ramblings, and information on when new Skadi updates will appear. And if you haven’t checked it out already, there’s also the other comic I work on with Adam Wallander, Camp Weedonwantcha, at campcomic.com. That one’s been updating twice a week for 2 years now, so there’s quite a lot to read.

Thanks again guys. I really hope you liked the “end” of Skadi a fraction as much as I’ve loved drawing it all these years.