This is the end of Jumpin’ Jack Jerboa for now… but-

the start of Reverie Happy!

Here’s a bit of an explanation to the characters:


A long time ago, I had a comic idea about an overly imaginative kid named Matt. He would daydream constantly, imagine crazy stuff, etc. A bit of a homage to stuff like the Looney Tunes shorts with Ralph Phillips. I won’t explain how or why, cause it’s another story-driven comic idea of mine, but essentially his imagination leaks into reality and shit happens. Including the presense of a white demon-thing known as Wake, who latches himself onto Matt and guides him through his adventures.

This comic, NOT being the story-driven comic I just mentioned (which is still a WIP), is just about Matt and Wake exploring imaginative wonders and contemplating their position in life among other things. One shot 3 panel comics. And because the idea of the comic relates to creativity and imagination as a whole, it won’t always be constrained to just their universe. So maybe Jack and May will show up every once in a while too. stuff like that. A grab bag of content. I’ve always liked the ideas of connecting universes, as you saw slightly in the hell section of JJJ with introducing color.


SO YEAH. A comic I can manage on a weekly basis without leaving myself or you guys comicless! oh boy! <3