Hey, how’s it goin?~ good?… good.

SO. For all of April I’m gunna be fairly busy, and in general, I’ve been having a hard time maintaining Jumpin’ Jack Jerboa for a while now. I’m sure you’re all sick of not seeing any comic here, as am I. Initially, I wanted to make a comic and share my stories and ideas with you. and I still do! and I still have plenty more to tell with this comic. Lots of loose-ends I need to tie up and unfinished plot to continue. Next chapter would have been all about where May has been. Chapter after that dealing with that Raccoon fella from the cave/gem scene, etc. Shit gets good and everything merges together fairly nicely.

However, with the way the comic has been going production-wise, I haven’t been able to give it all the love that it deserves on my end. And being a bit of a perfectionist, I hate to submit unfinished works or not submit at all. It actually hurts me a lot more than it does you, trust me on that. I tend to get hit with a wave of self doubt and anxiety whenever I don’t meet a deadline for something I WANT to do and keep up with. It’s heartbreaking for me. Especially when I’m working on work that ain’t mine for money. Dem life priorities, yo.

But yeah. I want to give this comic the right amount of love and respect it deserves, so not only I can feel satisfied with it, but you can enjoy it all the more. I’ve been considering reworking the comic, changing the format/redrawing certain parts and timing it out better. Probably make a physical book with it or something too. I’m fairly new to comic work, and I’ve definitely learned from my experiences with this comic.

At the moment, I feel like I’m not up to the task to do any story-driven comic at the moment, and am considering putting Jumpin’ Jack on hiatus for a bit. In it’s place, I’d like to try my hand at something a bit more manageable for me at this time. Shorter one-shot comics. Which I think would benefit from the weekly format quite a bit better. Possibly starring that kid up there with the knife. Maybe- we’ll see.

So, I wanted to know what your thoughts were about this, and would you be on board with it? The viewer is just as important as the creator when doing web comics and I’d love nothing more than to have more interaction with the lotta ya. What do you guys say?~