Being a german it is still hard to translate your text into english without losing some puns, or doing natural english puns or natural reading. For that prob I have some helpertons who always jump in for proof reading or getting the sentences a bit more streamlined.

The main dude who helps a lot is John A. Galvan aka synduo:

Claire Duffy was helping me out with this page:

and old buddy, James Grieve aka Annomaniac:

Thanks guys for helping me out!

On a different note: I kinda know that some peeps ditch the comic because its not colored, so I tried to get a colorist on board and had succsess. I cannot really tell who it is right now and if he really can do it each week, but colors will come soon into the series.

I must also prepare you guys; in 2 weeks I make a little special comic that has nothing to do with this storyline, but it’s a special date and I must get this one out of my system. So next week comes another page of the story arc and then a little ‘surprise’.

Hope you don’t mind that!

Cheers and smile in front of empty space!