Hello, I’m Luis Mario Sarmiento and I’ll be doing strips for you from now on every Tuesday. I’ve been experimenting with Seth and Poncho for years and that’s something you’ll notice since I’m still doing it: The comics will be drawn in different ways to give some variety to the comic (which I hope it doesn’t turn confusing at some point) and I’ll do my best to come up with short stories, and long ones if I have some luck. It’s been a while since I last worked on these characters and I appreciate that my pals here at Dumm decided to give me a chance to bring them back for you.

I’d like to talk some more about them, but honestly I don’t have any idea of what’s coming up next since they can do a lot of things, just like any other cartoon character. They keep surprising me even when it’s a simple idea.  That’s what makes me feel passionate and excited about cartooning and creating characters.

Hope y’all enjoy this ride filled with all sorts of shenanigans and stories as much as I do!
(You can see more of my work at my deviantART clicking the image above)

Have fun!