The Barbatarians were the most cruelfull race the millenium has seen in the galaxy. They enslaved and killed millions in the great war. After being defeated by a big alliance of all races, the Barbatarians were forced to remove all weapons and get in control of their emotions, specially their agression. Time has passed and the barbatarians moved forward to become a part of the galaxy again. But hate and guilt handicapped their chances for high job careers.

In Smirk’s first mission, he met and ‘rescued’ ( She rescued him, but he would never say that) Marscha Macke. The daughter of one of the higher generals of their race. Marscha joined the SWEFS because Smirk offered her the position as the lead securtity officer, were she can spend most of her time getting in touch with weapons again.

Stress, provocation or in defense, the barbatarians can easily switch back into an agressive mode with bad consequences. So better never hurt a barbatarian, or he coms back with a beserker expression.

Also next to the Nerd Slugs, I introduce another ‘sort of’ villian, the news reporter Schnatterla Gebrabbel. She will try to uncover the secret behind the SWEFS and that they are not competent for the position to protect the universe.


Stay classy and smile in front of empty space!