And that, at least for now, is that! This is by no means intended to be the end of Strawberry’s story, but this is where we’re going to take a break. Both John and myself are busy on a project at Cartoon Network, and it’s keeping us both too busy to comfortably keep up with the comic. Also, it’s a project of my creation, so FRS isn’t really filling a creative void for me anymore. Someday, I’d like to give a proper wrap-up to the unfinished business that is The Green Shadow, but I fear that would take 6 months worth of particularly-intense weekly strips, so at least for now, that isn’t happening. We’ll see what way the wind blows in the future. Thank you to anybody who enjoyed reading our comic over the past five years! Thank you to Ricky for encouraging me to submit my work, and thanks to Gabe, Katie and the rest of the Dumm founder-types for allowing me to come on board. Thank you to John Berry for joining me– I’d never have been able to keep up a full-color, long form comic every week without his assistance and writing this stuff together was always a pleasure. Thanks for Aron for help with all that¬†background color that I was adapt and reuse through the very end. Thanks to Sal too, I suppose. Thanks to all the helpertons and guest comic writers who helped have something to post when we couldn’t have the regular strip ready in time. Speaking of which, we’ll have one final guest comic next week to buy the next artist one more week to prepare, but this is the final FRS comic by John and myself for Dumm.

Ribbit to the limit!