* * *

Well, kids, that wraps up the Gila Riseth storyline for Our Heroes.  I hope you enjoyed meeting the gang in their introductory adventure.

For anybody who quit reading because they missed a few installments, now’s your chance to start again at the beginning and catch up.  To all those loyal fans of Our Heroes who enjoyed the whole thing, please be sure to click today’s LIKE button!

And with this break in the action, I’m going to take the opportunity to get off the webcomics merry-go-round for a while.  Thank-you so much for reading Our Heroes and Zoo Laffs.  You’ve been a wonderful audience!

It’s time for me to start taking more paying jobs, but I’d love to make more comics, too.  So if any of my fans out there has connections to the kooky sort of publishers who’d be into something like Jakey, Onion Puss, or Our Heroes, hook a fella up.

Next week, we’ll present the Our Heroes pinup gallery (call for entries here).  Then, on the 22nd . . . WHO KNOWS?!

I love all y’all.  Maybe after a while, I’ll return to the webcomics world, so let me just say . . . goodbye for now.