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Phew! I’m finally done posting them all. This contest was so much fun for me…I hope you guys loved looking at everyone’s funny ideas as much as I did.

This design by Matthew Benham is pretty awesome…and what a crazy drawing style too! Definitely check out his tumblr cause there’s neat stuff on there.

matthew benham

Whooooooa, look at this super sexy Skadi by Muy Mal. Skadi wishes she had nice boobies like that!

muy mal

Pixel-Excel went above and beyond and sent in this comic. There’s technically four different costume designs here!  Also, the third panel in this is the best thing ever.


Red Blooper’s Skadi is so appealing…this was another one that I came close to picking.

red blooper

Sarah Parker drew this crazy cool Skadi, and I really like it. The costume design is interesting, and I really like how she drew Skadi’s face and hair.

sarah parker

Sarah Hyland kept Skadi’s new outfit close to her original style, but added a bunch of funny little things…I think Skadi totally could pull off actual animal heads for pauldrons.


Here are two separate designs from Tinh Le! First is a Greek styled Skadi, which was hard to resist…I love Greek mythology.  The second is Skadi wearing an all meat getup, and features what might be the funniest drawing of Diseasoid in existence.

Tinh Le_greek


Tinh Le_meat

Here’s another design I came very close to picking: Tredlow’s horned tortoise armor. I love love love this drawing, and the idea behind it, as grisly as it is. I wonder if all those tortoises knew one another…maybe she crashed their family reunion and slaughtered the whole family to make this outfit.


William BeBeau sent in this Bard Skadi!  I love how she looks so happy and confident, but she’s obviously not as great a musician as she thinks…William not only draws, but plays instruments as well! When I had my big yard sale he actually showed up to serenade us for a time.  Pretty cool.  :]

William BeBeau

Zachary Zeller claims not to be an artist, but this is a pretty awesome set of drawings.  Definitely take the time to read the descriptions, cause they’re super funny. I loved this when it was sent in…I may have to draw Skadi wearing these just for fun someday.  With permission from Zachary of course!

Zachary Zeller

Here is Skadi and her beast Diseasoid by Zoogitron.  Pretty adorable…finally Diseasoid gets some affection! And I said it in a previous post but I really love it when people remember Skadi’s ear bite!  :D


And last but definitely not least!! Meaghan McLaughlin’s wonderful version of Skadi as Brienne of Tarth, and Diseasoid as everyone’s favorite little Lannister.  I loooooove this one.  Brienne is one of my very favorite characters in the Song of Fire and Ice books. There’s definitely some similarities between her and Skadi, though Skadi will probably never be as honorable as Brienne. Thank you Meaghan, I was so happy when I saw this one.  :]


Well, that’s officially it for this contest! Thanks again everyone. I definitely want to do more stuff like this in the future!