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Hey, Readers!

Remember how, during my Zoo Laffs run, I did the 10-part Jakey the Jerk story, Kablooey!!!, and readers contributed to this awesome pinup gallery, HERE?  And remember how, after my 14-part Onion Puss story, Ghost of a Chance, readers submitted their art to this fantastic set of pinups, HERE?  Well it turns out, the current Our Heroes arc, Gila Riseth, will be wrapped up soon (with part 57).  So let’s have another pinup gallery!

I’ve put out a call for pinups to friends, via email, and I’ve received a good little batch, so far.  To everyone who already sent theirs in — Thanks a lot!

But I’m greedy.  Looking at Frog Raccoon Strawberry’s recent guest strips, and all the amazing entries in the Skadi costume contest, I can see how many fantastic cartoonists are among the Dumm readership.  So I’m opening up the call for pinups to all of y’all.  Who wants to contribute?

Our Heroes, thus far, has just been finished in sketchy pencil, with a few touches of colored pencil, here and there.  You could make your work look similar to mine, or you could do it in any style, with fancy inking or full color, etc.  Also, if you want, you can redesign the characters in whatever way you like.  You can use

Detective Elke Decker (the Decker)

Frank Hammersmith (the Human Mallet)

Baa-baa-raa Blacksheep (Black Sheep)

Bill Czestochowski (Guise)

Jolene Willis (Chickadee)

Bubby (Sun Bear)


Master Gila

or any combination thereof.  It could just be a pinup, with them jumping or punching, relaxing by the pool, or what have you.  Or, if you want to do a short comic or joke, etc., that could be fun, too.

See above for the characters’ official colors.  Of course you can change those up for your own versions, if you like.  This is just to give you an idea of what colors I picture on them.

If you participate, I will of course tout your brilliance and link your websites, etc.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I’ll post the pinup gallery on December 15th.  Please send your pinups in by Thursday, December 12th.  Email them to cgarrison[at]bham.rr.com

Warm regards, and thanks a million in advance,

Chris G