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Whoops, I guess I lied…I said this week would be the last week for posting costumes from the contest, but if I do this blog post will be reeeeeeally long.  I’ve got it all organized now though, so next week will for sure be the last week of costumes.  Sorry if you’ve been waiting to see yours posted!

Fellow Dumm artist John Balsley sent in this Skadi that is both adorable and frightening. You don’t want to mess with this version of Skadi. I love her expression and the ear bite detail!


Armando G. Arias sent in this Foxy Skadi. Foxes are one of my favorite animals so I was confused about whether I was delighted or horrified by this one. Mostly delight, since the drawing is cute and funny. There’s some very creative ideas on how many ways a girl could wear a fox in this drawing!


Here is Bruise Lee’s super creative tribal Skadi get-up! I love this drawing…and the boots from Foulsbury made me especially happy, too.

bruise lee

Douglas sent in this Road Warrior inspired Skadi. I love it when people draw Skadi with these types of proportions…she looks so cute despite wielding that huge gun. Diseasoid’s face is also extra cute and funny to me.

douglas road warrior

Here’s J Mcmanamy’s submission…those boob plates are nuts!  She could murder a man with one hug. With her height they’d probably go right through the eyeballs. I love those huge boots too. A lotta leather would go into making a pair.


Jamaica Dyer sent in this leggy Skadi wearing a bat inspired costume. I like that she’s super composed rather than chasing after the bats to eat them.  Look at those little boots too, pretty cute!  :D


James Hamilton drew this completely adorable Skadi…this is another example of people drawing Skadi with proportions that are totally adorable to me. It’s cute to see her all dolled up and happy about it.  :]

James Hamilton

I love this beast armor Skadi by Jason Kenyon…I like that she could run around wreaking havoc pretending to be a minotaur.

Jason Kenyon_SkadiBullcape

Jen Goss tackled a tablet for the first time and was able to produce this beauty: Skadi wearing a Warring Accessories Randomization Technology suit. She even wrote out a story premise for it which was pretty cool! Thanks Jen!

jen goss

Here is a winter Skadi drawn by Jesse Mullan…I love that he gave Skadi some dignity for once.  It’s so rare we see her looking calm and refined. That is one thing I regret about her initial design…Skadi is pretty impervious to the cold, so I never get to dress her up in these types of clothes. I love them though, and I love this design too.


Here’s another example of Skadi looking totally adorable…Josyanne Cloutier sent in a Queen Barbarian Skadi, complete with crowned helmet and bear skin dress. It suits her, though Diseasoid looks a bit unsure about it.

Josyanne Cloutier_2013_Skadi

Oh oh oh, I love this one…Marce Martinez sent in this Samurai Skadi, and it’s just the best.  So cute.  >__<


Lastly, D-Mononoke sent in this nicely designed new outfit for Skadi. I wihs I’d thought to use fur in her original design, I love how it looks on her butt!


That’s it for now…thanks everyone again for sending in your art! I have the best readers.