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Happy Halloween, guys!!  You win if you are able to guess Skadi and Diseasoid’s Halloween costumes in today’s comic!

Also, in case you haven’t heard, I have a new webcomic called Camp Weedonwantcha that finally started updating this week.  It’s about a camp for abandoned children, and I’m pretty excited about it.  It’ll be updating twice a week, and Skadi will continue to update once a week.  If you’re a fan of Skadi please click the preview below and check it out!


Now on to costumes! Dumm comic’s own Chris Garrison might have actually turned in been my ultimate favorite drawing for the contest, though it’s difficult to say with so many good ones.  I would have chosen this one if I were able to think of a storyline that went along with it!  It’s just so cute it kills me.


Emily Olson did this cute Skadi that reflects the absolute opposite of her personality.  I love it!!


Fluffy turned in two drawings, both which are pretty hilarious and cute. The dinosaur one especially was very tempting to choose!  (It was nice to meet you at GGC, by the way!)


Jasmine Steele turned in this super warrior Thunderdome version of Skadi. Her hair is pretty rad! Poor Diseasoid…


Kris Makey turned in this Heavy Metal Skadi.  Love the pose, and the drawing of Diseasoid is hilarious.

kris makey

Here is a snakey reptile inspired outfit for Skadi by Michael Van!


I love this drawing from Mike R Baker of Skadi as both Betty Rubble and Han Solo. His site has a lot of pretty stuff on it too!


Lastly here are Rob De Souza’s two costume entries, a beast armor Skadi and Valkyrie Skadi. I think Skadi is super cute and jaunty looking in these!

Rob De Souza_skadis

Ok, that’s all for the time being. Next week should be the last bunch of costumes. Sorry if you’ve had to wait to see yours posted! I couldn’t believe how many got turned in. Thanks guys. Oh and again, if you have a link you’d like me to use here, just email me or leave a comment and I’ll update the post!