We’re getting close to the end of this story, y’all.  When it’s over, I want to have another pinup gallery, like THIS ONE, which I posted after the end of Jakey the Jerk’s Kablooey!!! arc.

So, wanna do your own Ghost of a Chance pinup for the gallery?  Draw Onion Puss, or Priscilla, or Holly, or Elizabeth, or any combination thereof. Send it to me soon, and I’ll add it to the batch.  My Onion Puss comics are in B&W, somewhat sloppily inked with a brush pen.  You could make yours look similar to mine, or you could do it in any style, with shades or colors or whatever.  Also, if you want, you can redesign the characters in whatever way you like. As long as they’re still themselves in some way.  It could just be a pinup, with them creeping around the manse or what have you.  Or, if you want to do a short comic or joke, etc., that could be fun, too.  And of course I’ll link your websites, etc., for the readers.  Just email it to me: cgarrison[at]bham.rr.com (with a real @, though).  (And if your participation is contingent on knowing how the story comes out, email me, and I just might give you a hint.)


And/or — Wanna be a Zoo Laffs guest artist?  Read my thoughts on the matter HERE.