Hey!  I’m gonna have a spot at my local wacky people convention, the Alabama Phoenix Festival, the weekend of May 25-27, here in my hometown of Birmingham.  I’ll do caricatures and such, but I figured it sure would be nice if I had a real-live, printed-on-paper comic book to hock.  So I’m gonna do a small run of print-on-demand comics, collecting all of Jakey the Jerk‘s adventures so far.  And if you’re gonna make a comic book, you have to put something on the cover.  So here’s what I drew.  It’s based on the harrowing adventure that was had in Kablooey!!! – part 6.

(I expect this little self-publishing venture to be fun, but I’d also like to eventually get some of my stuff published by OTHER people!  If you’ve got a connection to any of the weirder publishers out there, send them my way, will ya?)

I haven’t priced Jakey the Jerk #1 yet, but I’ll try to keep it reasonable.  If anybody wants one, email me — cgarrison [at] bham.rr.com — and I’ll put you on a list of people to notify when they’re ready.

Next week, back to Ghost of a Chance, starring Onion Puss!