This week, I get by with a little help from my friends.  Thanks a MILLION, everybody who contributed to this awesome batch of pinups and comics!

To see more from these great artists, please check out:

Dan Sills – Dan Sills Animation

Kenny Bristow – Mad Mouse

Daryl-Rhys Taylor — portfolio page

Arthur Goodman — deviantART and Favourite Crayon

Michael J. Ruocco — For the Birds comic and For the Birds blog

Katie Graziano — artpoots

Hal Jones — Beyond Human

Andy Gray — deviantART and portfolio page

Chris Rosko — Salty ‘Ham page

John Will Balsley – Balsley’s Comix

Severin Piehl — Little Reading

Richard J. Smith — Raymond J. Fox tumblr and deviantART

And by the way, if anybody wants to see a few DVD Special Features from Kablooey … you know, “making of” crap … go HERE.