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It’s been a week since I was told about the horrible news about Ricky. All of my nights are filled with not sleeping and just laying in bed thinking of Twilight Zone scenarios of how things could have been different, how one little thing I could have done might have changed the outcome of that horrible accident. I think about all the good times we won’t be sharing, all the movies we can’t complain about, all the people we can’t make laugh. Just every negative thing. Everyday not being able to not grit my teeth in pain and feel like I didn’t just get punched in the stomach, apprehensively looking around every dark room for his ghost.

All of that has lead to nothing but fatigue, hopelessness and regret. I don’t know if Ricky would have wanted that.

Ricky would want me to carry on, keep making good stuff, soulful, meaningful, and honest comics. The same ones he always encouraged me to make, and that’s what I’m going to do.

He would want us to carry on Dumm Comics, keep it strong, on time, good, and funny. That’s what we are going to do.

He would want us to be honest, forward, and entertaining, in everything we do.

Ricky, I’ll do may best to make you proud, goodbye.