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I’m sure all our regular readers know by now, Dumm Comics co-founder Ricky Garduno has left this coil.  He was an amazing talent, so it’s good to see how many fond remembrances there are around the web.  There are several linked in this cartoonbrew post.

Since I’m here in Alabama, I never even met Ricky in person, but he made me feel like we were old friends.  When he invited me to draw a weekly comic for Dumm, I was shocked.  He believed I could do it, even though I wasn’t too sure myself.  I love working on Zoo Laffs, so I’ll always be grateful to him for this spot.  I still can’t believe he’s gone.

I got the feeling that Ricky was pretty into the idea that “the show must go on,” so I feel good about putting up my strip as planned today.  I just wanted to add a little something at the bottom for the The Ricker.  John Berry’s tribute and mine are strangely similar; his has scissors for cutting wings, and mine has scissors for cutting strings.  I guess we were on a wavelength or something.

Here are some more cartoony tributes: Kyle A. Carrozza, John Paul Cassidy, Luke CormicanJack Cusumano, David DusheySharon Gauthier, Sharon Gauthier again, David Gemmill, Katie RiceSandra Rivas, Michael J. RuoccoAron J. Shay, Gabe Swarr, Malcolm ThomasEgypt Urnash … If you know of any more, mention them in the comments below, and I’ll add them to this list.