Hi, everyone. Kyle here. I feel like what Gabe wrote about Ricky sums it up so beautifully that I almost don’t want to add anything of my own, but I wanted to say a few things. Ricky helped me out a lot both by bringing me on board to do Strawberry here and recommending me for storyboarding jobs. I appreciated that and that was already Ricky going the extra mile for me, but I feel like what’s more important is what only Ricky could’ve done. Ricky challenged me. Ricky challenged me to be a better, more interesting writer. Ricky kept me thinking about what my personal voice is and how to express it. I think the first part of that sentence is the important part: Ricky kept me thinking. His influence made me stop and go “Well, is this genuinely how I feel, or is this the knee-jerk, nerd rage reaction my misspent geeky boyhood has brought me?”

I am a better human being because of Ricky Garduno. It makes me sad that he won’t get to continue seeing where I was headed, because I think he’d enjoy the hell out of it… and then help me improve more.

Aron has made a lovely tribute of her own which you can find at http://aronjshay.tumblr.com/post/13945953188/missyouricky

John Berry found it more suitable to make his own 1930s Nightmare Theatre comic which you can find here: http://fav.me/d4ihezj Is it in questionable taste? Maybe. But then, whenever I wondered if we were crossing a line (like during the convention strips), I’d turn to Ricky to see what he thought, and he always laughed and told us to go for it. Also, I find the double meaning to the title “Too Soon” clever and heartfelt in its own right.

One final thing; I’ve noticed a lot of people speculating on the cause of death. Please know that Ricky sought help and friends sought to help him.

Back to our regular story next week. Be safe, everyone.